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Our Service Division was created specifically to address the needs of businesses and homeowners for fast, professional roof and home repairs to reduce the occurrence of leaks and the damage water can cause. Smaller leaks may only require patching, larger leaks may require more extensive repair work. Our expert team can provide you with a detail proposal of what needs to done so you can make an educated decision on materials and costs. Very few roofing contractors offer a dedicated division with the sole purpose of repairing and maintaining roofs. Because our Roof Service Division is specialized, you can be confident of quality, detailed workmanship. While we concentrate on your immediate needs as well as determining what should be done so you can encounter the maximum performance of your roof system.
Service Team
Critter Quitter
Cedar Roofing Company approaches each job with quality, safety and cleanliness as our top priorities. Your needs, questions and concerns are addressed immediately and professionally from proposal request to job completion. An estimator will call you for the initial consultation, and our team of professionals will see the job through to completion.
Unlike other products that are either screens or guards that just cover the vent to keep squirrels away, the Critter Quitter® has a patent pending design that takes the rain water and directs it into the vent and out the house drain, thus keeping the area between the outside of the pipe and the damaged flashing from becoming wet. This stops further leakage into the plywood base and thus further damage. Its outside shell protects the vent from squirrels, and it’s an attractive addition to any roof. It doesn't require any modification to the existing flashing so it can be used on new or damaged vents.