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CRC - Commitment to Quality

Cedar Roofing Company will not only install your roof, we will help you maintain it as well.  We offer all the services you need to help you keep your roof beautiful, clean, and safe. Our skilled service department will help you with small repairs and let you know if any serious work needs to be done.  Our Roof Maintenance Program provides annual or semi-annual cleanings of your roofs and gutters.  Finally, we offer cedar preservation & restoration which can give lively color back to your roof in the matter of days.
Take the stress of remembering to call us out of your worries.  Sign up for our Maintenance Program.  The Maintenance Program is customizable to your needs.  We can do gutter work and/or a roof check annually or semi-annually. Fees are determined by amount of hours spent and the type of work we perform.

If you would like to be a part of our Maintenance Program,
contact us!